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Luno-Wooden-Watch-by-LunowearLunoWear creates light weight, comfortable, and stylish wood watches. Co-founder, Boman Farrer is very young, but he has inherited long legacy of watchmakers. After losing his leg in an industrial accident, Farrer’s passionate great grandfather started, nearly a century ago, his career in watchmaking. Next, it was his son Calvin who continued on this path and who had become a successful watchmaker for nearly 50 years. Luno Wear is the continuation of this legacy and which have come into existence four generations after. Ryan Krantz, co-founder, having experience in manufacturing, have brought his knowledge to start LunoWear as an innovation and experience combination with four generations deep roots.
One of the major characteristics which helped Luno watches become popular is their price. LunoWear watches are designed by skilled watchmaker to be affordable and reliable. In addition to that, the design of Luno wood watches is as sleek their logo with a clear touch of minimalism. LunoWear have chosen natural bamboo and ebony wood to create their simplistic watches. To add material contrast, Luno watches are made with a genuine leather band which concentrate the natural feel of the watch and provides comfort to the wearer.