Jord Wood Watches

jord-wood-watches-logoJord Inc is located in St. Louis, in the U.S. Jord wood watches are the classier timepieces you can find on the market. No doubt that Jord hired one of the most talented artists and designers to put their creativity into play. The design of these watches is of a similar level to famous luxurious watch brands that features subtle typefaces and sleek moving hands. Jord amazingly combines different wood types as well as dial colors to come with a wood watch worthy to be exposed in an art museum. The large choice of colors and tones that Jord offers is what made it famous in the wooden watches market. Jord uses Zebra wood, maple wood, ebony and many other wood types in its timepieces. Jord wood watches are equipped with a Swiss Movement that the brand is proud to mention on its watches dials. Some models has an exhibition case back through which you can see the small mechanics of the watch moving.
Another quality point of the Jord wooden watches is that many of them are equipped with sapphire crystal, which is a scratch resistant glass. Being an aluminum oxide, this glass type is known for its great transparency and durability as it offers a clear vision and resists abrasion and impact.
Elegant, natural and sustainable is what defines Jord watches. Jord wood watches are delivered in a nicely designed box which is also made of wood, and holds their logo carved in the wood – the ā€œJā€ of Jord with a tree, and on the right down corner the letters ā€˜J O R Dā€œ. This box makes these watches a ready to be given gift. The prices range of the luxurious Jord watches is between $120 and $250. The price maybe a bit higher considering the technology that these watches are equipped with, but for a bit more money you get a lot more special and distinct looking watch.


  • Elegant design
  • Roman and Arabic Numerals
  • Available in wood and copper
  • Swiss movement
  • Large wood types choice
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Stainless Steel Clasp