Earth Wood Watches

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Earth Watches, also know as Earthwood is a watchmaker brand that makes organic wood goods. Earth watches are eco-friendly and made from various types of wood. The majority of Earth wood watches cases are circular in shape. Other models are fashioned in a tall rectangular shape, while others are in a wide display type similar to The Garwood watches style. The numerals on the dial are of three kinds :Arabic, Roman and Symbols. The logo of Earth Watches is a globe which is found on the dial of all its watches. Earth and wood is what the American company wants to link with each other through its marketing campaigns. Indeed Earth wood watches make the wearer feel the warmth of earth and nature while the timepiece is on his wrist.

This company uses various types of wood such as rosewood and bamboo to make its all wooden watches. Important to know that wood colors may not be exactly like the photos because of the aging of wood as well as seasons. This usually results in approximately more or less darker wood color. Splash Resistant is what the company uses to indicate that it’s ok if the watch gets inside water but only for a splash, and therefore it’s not  waterproof. Apart from woodgoods, Earth wood makes also cork bags and wallets. This strengthen even more the eco-friendliness of this brand. Stomates is the name given by Earthwood to one of its watches collection.The latest one from Earth Wood Goods is the Aztec collection featuring simplistic looking wooden watches with leather straps.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Organic wood
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Splash Resistant
  • Circular and Rectangular watch cases
  • Arabic and Roman numerals