Bewell Wooden Watches

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unique-newest-design-health-red-sandal-wood-watch-bewell-brand-luxury-gift-wooden-wrist-watch-forBewell manufactures watches out of stainless steel, alloy, ceramic and other materials, but it’s well known for its wooden watches. The design of the Bewell watches is very attractive, and you have a nice range of styles to choose from. One of the design particularities of the Bewell wooden watches is the wooden bezel which is not found on many other brands wooden watches. You can choose a circular wood face watch or a rectangular one. Some of the rectangular watches of this brand are a clear copy of The Garwood watches. Bewell is another watchmaker that makes its timepieces out of 100% natural wood. These watches are lightweight, approximately half the weight of a steel band watch. Unlike Treehut, Bewell doesn’t handcraft all of its watches Some of them are instead produced by using high tech devices. The company doesn’t only supervise all the steps of creating its timepieces, but it also produces the materials needed as they possess the  bamboo factory, alloy case factory, watch cover factory and of course an assembly workshop with a total of 4500 square meters area. According to Bewell, their staff exceeds 200 employees, which qualifies it to be one of the biggest wooden watches companies. As an addition act of eco-friendliness, Bewell makes its watches boxes out of recycled paper. This watchmaker make use of various wood types like zebra wood, verawood, maple and others.

Bewell’s Tagline : “Natural Elegance”.


  • 100% natural wood
  • Wooden Bezel
  • Rectangular/Circular Shapes
  • Stainless Steel clasp
  • Quartz Movement
  • Eco-friendly