Wooden Watches

Crafting a good watch made of wood is an art that many watches brands have decided to focus on. Wooden watches are no longer a souvenir crafted by grandpa in his shop, but they have become an item of elegance in men’s fashion. Apart from being eco-friendly, wooden watches have many qualities that made their success. WeWood, Garwood, and Treehut are brands which are among the pioneers when it comes to natural wood watches specialty. Our website was designed with the aim to provide you with relevant and useful information to get to know the best wood watches out there.

Picked Wooden Watches

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Wooden Watches Brands

Unique Watches

Because the wood grain pattern is naturally different each time, every wood watch is different as well. This natural variation in wood grain is an attractive feature of these wooden timepieces that every possessor of these will feel the uniqueness of it. As time goes by,  the watch’s wood mellows which makes the watch more personal and familiar to the wearer. In addition to that, the high-quality movements that many watchmakers have put inside these small pieces of jewelry are what grabbed the attention towards them. Wooden watches are also ideal for people who have allergies to plastic, metal, leather and vinyl.

We also write reviews on the most popular timepieces of this category. We have organized our website in a way that you can navigate by wood watches manufacturers, or by wood watches types. And if you don’t have the time to see all the brands collections, we have picked for you the most popular wooden watches available. And for a more deep insight about these watches, please visit our reviews page.

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Our website is the place to look into for all sort of wooden watches. Whether it’s for a gift or for the pleasure of feeling the warmth of nature on your wrist, having a wood watch is great experience worthy of trying. Because we love watches in general and wood watches especially, this website was created with love too. We will be updating our data base of news, reviews and tips about wooden watches so be sure to get here from time to time and make your friends about our website so they can profit from these small gorgeous pieces of nature and technology.
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